Monday , February 24 2020

Mansha Pasha’s Pictures From Her Birthday

The Laal Kabootar famed actress Mansha Pasha is truly talented. Her character Aaliya was much praised by the audience. Laal Kabootar has won many awards at big platforms. Mansha celebrated her birthday and posted her pictures on Instagram. She was quite happy and said, “Its been a while since I …

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Beautiful Clicks of Actress Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha is a Pakistani actress and model. She is known for her supporting roles in several critically and commercially successful television series. Her performance in the romantic series Mohabbat subh ka Sitara in 2013 proved to be a breakthrough for her and earned her the Hum Award for best-supporting …

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Rabi Pirzada First Response Over Her (Alleged) Leaked Videos

سوشل میڈیا پر اس وقت رابی پیرزادہ اپنی لیک ہونے والی ویڈیوز کے حوالے سے خبروں میں ہیں، رابی پیرزادہ نے کافی دیر کی خاموشی کے بعد اپنا پہلا ردعمل دیا ہے۔ سرکاری ٹی وی کے سینئر پروڈیوسر محسن جعفر نے فیس بک پر رابی پیرزادہ کو سپورٹ کرتے ہوئے …

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